How to Remove Smells From a Car

23276803605_773fc54013_zA deeply ingrained smell is hard to get rid of, especially if it’s a smell you never wanted in the first place. A horrible stench can significantly hurt the resale value of your vehicle, but fortunately for you, there are ways to remove any unwanted odors. Most methods are relatively simple and cost-effective. Here’s how to remove smells from a car from us here at Plaza Lincoln.

  1. Coffee Grounds – Good for more than a morning pick-me-up, coffee grounds can also remove unwanted smells from your car. Close the windows and place a bowl of coffee grounds inside the vehicle. Soon enough, your interior will smell of your favorite morning coffee and the unwanted odor will be gone for good.
  2. Newspaper – Normally meant to be read, physical newspapers are good for more than catching up on the local happenings. As it turns out, they’re very good at eliminating unwanted odors. Simply crumple up a few pages and throw them in your car overnight. By morning, the newspapers will have absorbed the smell and your car will be odorless.
  3. Charcoal – Excellent for barbequing, charcoal is also a great odor absorber. Leave a bag in the back of your car overnight and the smell will be gone by morning. Best of all, you can still use the charcoal for grilling!