Long Weekend Getaways in Florida

11408297643_c2aa25e0ae_zLabor Day has come and gone, and we won’t see another long weekend until Columbus Day next month, which is a bummer. But that’s what vacation days are for, right? If you just need to get away for a couple of days, take a Friday off and hit one of these perfect spots for a Florida getaway.

If you have kids—or even if you don’t, no one’s going to judge—and you have the money, go to Disney World. Where better to destress from work than the happiest place on earth? While you’re in Orlando you can also check out Universal Studios, as well as the fabulous beaches.

Of course, Boca Raton is always a fantastic place to chill for the weekend. Between the private beach, plenty of pools if you’d rather avoid the ocean, the health spa, and tennis and golf, you’ll never be bored at the Boca Raton resort, but you will be relaxed. Orlando has countless resorts and hotels, so if you just want to hang out in a hotel for a few days and get a massage, you should check out this list of getaways in Florida.

If you’re a foodie, visit Miami for the weekend. The restaurant scene there is amazing—the cuisines are diverse and authentic, and there are also tons of great clubs. Miami’s a great place to spend the weekend with friends.

Florida is one of the most attraction-packed places in the US, so no matter what you do on your long weekend, you’re sure to have fun.

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