Safe Driving Tips for Families

safe driving tips for families

Hitting the road with your family in tow is an ideal way to create some fun-filled memories that the kids will never forget. Here are some safe driving tips for families from us here at Plaza Lincoln of Leesburg.

Prevent Fatigue

Getting plenty of sleep the night before a trip is crucial to prevent fatigue. Struggling to stay awake behind the wheel is a recipe for disaster. Pull over or switch drivers whenever necessary.

Monitor Cellphone Use

Different states have different laws that pertain to cellphone use behind the wheel. Most officers won’t accept ignorance as an excuse for talking on the phone while driving. Monitor your cellphone use, as well as the use of anyone taking over driving duties for a few hours. The last thing any driver wants is a ticket for something that could have been easily avoided.

Check the Forecast

Knowing what lies ahead isn’t limited to real-time traffic information. Checking the weather forecast prior to leaving will give you an idea of what you might run into on the road. Make sure to check the local forecast as well, as the forecast of any areas you may be driving through. Doing so could save you from getting blindsided by inclement weather.

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