2017 Lincoln MKZ Ad Campaign Features Return of Matthew McConaughey

26942069160_b408db5e70_zLincoln is looking to bring its MKZ sedan to a new host of buyers and to do so, the brand has once again enlisted the help of none other than Matthew McConaughey. The actor appears in three new ads that pitch the 2017 Lincoln MKZ to those who may have previously ruled it out. With three new ads on the lineup, the new MKZ answers a very important question.

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering what it’s like to drive the Lincoln MKZ, wonder no more. The new “It’s like that” tagline ends each commercial, accurately named “Shave,” “Ensemble,” and “Midnight.”

The first 30-second ad, “Shave,” relates getting a shave from a barber to getting behind the wheel of the MKZ.  The second ad, “Ensemble,” kicks things off with a jazz band before revealing McConaughey behind the wheel of the MKZ. The third and final ad, “Midnight,” shows McConaughey jumping backwards into a pool of water.

The 30-second spots debuted back in May during “The Voice,” “Dancing With the Stars,” and “Castle.” Considering McConaughey doesn’t say a word during any of the ads, the relation to precision, performance, and exhilaration are second to none.

The next question is whether the ads are having any sort of effect on sales. Lincoln sales are up more than 17% through April of this year; you be the judge.

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